From The Grave

People often ask, where did you get that thing?

Back in 1998 I was living in Dallas Texas and working on my private pilot’s license.  I was doing a cross country flight up to Ardmore Oklahoma and discovered that they had a giant airplane graveyard!   Flight simulation had been an interest of mine since I was around 12 years and thought how cool would it be to make my own simulator.

I called the airport, found out who was running the graveyard and they invited me up to have a look.  Below are photos from my visit:

Driving around on a scissor lift to explore the different planes
Continental 737-100

The above picture is my flight deck:  a Boeing 737-100.   I soon trucked it back to my parents house in Dallas to store there as I was soon moving to Los Angeles…..


This was the day after delivery to my parents home about to forklift the flight deck off of the trailer
Proud new 737 owner. Circa 1998